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  • 22:02 I feel like I've tossed dozens of coins into the air and am waiting to see which ones land heads up #
  • 22:05 on one hand SO FREAKING ECSTATIC. - on the other hand SCARED SHITLESS #
  • 01:12 I want it on record; my husband/baby daddy is the most awesome man in ever. I <3 him. A lort. #
  • 01:58 Baby snoring. Can't sleep. Not because the snoring is loud but because it's so cute. #
  • 10:30 Dear employers, if your # isn't 312 or 773, you're not in Chicago. I'm not going to the burbs for work, I don't have a car but have a baby #
  • 10:32 I'm betting you won't pay me the additional money to cover 4 hours commute time plus personal impact of not being there to see child ever #
  • 10:57 It's been constant diaper hanging every 10-15 minutes today. I'm going to get carpal tunnel syndrome between that and breastfeeding #
  • 10:59 until now! I pushed the sleep button somehow. :D #
  • 11:07 Sweet, just picked up the Fraggle Rock boxed set for 30% off. Thanks Borders Rewards coupons. :D #
  • 12:54 Jamey B the leggings fit already. :D #
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