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pssst sorry the pic is fuzzy but...

Pop Brollies - Barrel of Monkeys Monkeys

An homage to one of the most popular primary primate games ever. I know you're always trying to get those monkeys off your back, but how could you not love a collection of Barrel of Monkeys Monkeys hanging around on a rainy day?

hehehe fuzzy butt
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Oh Jamey B...

Your Umbrella is done.
Jamey B's Bats in the Bellfry

Bombs Away

Jul. 1st, 2008 12:03 pm
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I showed you guys this one in progress, now it's done!

Bombs Away Umbrella

Read more at noh wear: Bombs Away
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yesterday's efforts resulted in this

Crank! Bag
Size - 13.5" x 10" x 4.25"
Price - $30

German army shoulder bag with cycling gear and swirl design on front and strap. Variety of colors are available.

They'll be for sale on noh wear soon when the site is up. Until then, orders are being taken through email.


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